The Legal Bits


Activities in Lakeland where they admisinter your booking will share your data with the orgnaisations that provide your actual activity services, they may futther share this on a time limited basis with those who actually deliver the actual activities. i.e. Your climbing instructor will know your phone number in case you are lost and if you have a health condition he/she needs to be aware of.

Data will be held for accounting, safety complience reporting and legal compliance untill it is no longer needed. In the case of safety comlience this could be as long as 7 years.

We don't use your contact details to send you advertising, free pens or other detritus to either your post box or inbox.

We will offer you the oppertunity to give us feedback and reviews (once) after your activity, this might well have an offer code take some money off future bookings.

Activities in Lakeland ltd and Mere Mountains

Activities in Lakeland both admisiters bookings for Mere Mountains activties and provides direct marketing links on its website for Mere Mountains own direct bookings service.

Either way Mere Mountains will provide the activities, equipent, instructors and insurance: ultimately your contract will be with the provider Mere Mountains. 

Activities in Lakeland ltd and everybody else

Activites in Lakeland admisiters the booking and payments for lots of other providers - we are a communitiy of small businesses.

Ultimately your booking will be with the provider. 

3 easy ways book your activities 

Our most popular activities are instantly bookable 

Our partners at Mere Mountians list many of their most popular activites online, so you can book available activites instantly. 

Need different dates or times?
Give us a phone or drop us an enquiry and we'll set it up for you. 

From 9am to 5pm we are standing by the phones (Monday to Friday) 

Not sure what to choose, or just prefer to deal with a human - we totally get that - give us a ring and we'll happily set things up for you. 

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Our enquiry form tells us everything we need to know from you so that we can scurry around in the background checking availability etc.

By the time we reply we'll know what's possible and where best to go.  You can drop an enquiry any time of the day or night and get the ball rolling. 

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