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Ghyll Scrambling 

Ghyll Scrambling, Gorge Walking and Canyoning are all activities in a similar environment.

Ghyll is the Cumbrian word for a high mountain steam, climbing through them is an exhilarating way of interacting with the mountain environment.

We have wetter and dryer ghyll’s, we also have flatter and steeper ghyll's, ghyll’s you jump into and ones you climb with ropes and harnesses. There is a level of adventure to suit almost every family, stag group or educational group.
Wetter and lots of small jumps. You need a wetsuit for this one, either hire one from us or bring your own. A great fun session for adventurous young teenagers and upwards more...
No need to get into deep water on this one, this Ghyll also has a path up the side for those who are nervous. Lots of challenges and difficult stretches to overcome. Great for all ages more...
You’ll need to borrow a rucksack for your lunch and spare clothes, oh and a harness and helmet, because with a whole day we can get into the meaty bit of Stickle Ghyll.

You will do all of the standard Langdale Ghyll before lunch and then put on a harness so you can climb over the very steep sections more...

From £46

per person 
minimum price is 4 persons, for private sessions

Great for 

Individual Challenge
Stag Groups
Family Groups

All Abilities 

Can be adapted to those with mobility difficulties


Good shoes
Parking is free

Activity Details

Ghyll Scrambling Langdale

A stunning view opens up behind of the Langdale Valley, as you focus on navigating between the boulders and water challenges. Lots of action and challenges for groups of all ages. Conveniently Stickle Ghyll has a path running up the side, so anyone that is tired or nervous have a way to see the group without having to do the whole Ghyll.

Being drier and more mountainous we find this is best done in normal clothes and a waterproof jacket. There are still the options to get very wet

Great for all ages
Lots of opportunities to work together and have a laugh, a thoroughly fun way to spend your day in the Lake District. 

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Ghyll Scrambling Coniston

Church Beck in Coniston is one of the liveliest and most interactive Ghylls we use in the Lake District, with a lot of steep and deep features to climb over and jump into. Its chillier than the open landscape of Langdale Ghyll Scrambling, swapping less sun and views for faster water and a truly unique water carved environment.

Because it involves frequently getting wet we build wetsuit hire into the price.

A great fun packed adventure for more confident children and adults.

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Full Day Ghyll Langdale 

The longer day lets us get to the upper mountainous play spots. Involves roped climbing and some airy scrambling, high on the mountain side.

Bring your lunch to eat with an amazing view before putting on a harness for waterfall rock climbing.
allow 6 hours

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Canyoning Coniston

For the confident adventurer - sections must be jumped or abseiled. Having said that leaping into narrow slots of deep water is exhilarating.

Canyoning starts with an abseiling lesson to get you going and able to manage your own ropes and equipment, before its too noisy to explain. Only for adventurous older teenagers and adults. Everyone must be confident - there isn’t an easy way out

Minimum age 16 years 
allow 6 hours

Aquaseiling Coniston

Aquaseiling is Abseiling but with the added thrill and challenge of doing it in the waterfalls above Coniston village. 

The session beings with a steep walk up into the Coppermines before descending a selection of different waterfalls overlooking the Coniston valley.
allow 3 hours

Where are the Ghyll Scrambling Venues? 



40 Minutes from Kendal 

25 Minutes from Ambleside

25 Minutes from Coniston


45 Minutes from Penrith 

15 Minutes from Ambleside

0 Minutes from Coniston

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