Team Competitions

This will give you something to argue about in the bar afterwards! 

Sometimes what you want to do is have a head-to-head with mates with a bit of a competition. We have a range of competitive activities to prove the fastest/cleverest/sneakiest team. Really popular with larger groups of colleagues on an away day, or stag groups.

Team Competition options 

Go For it!

Cunning wits and sneakiness. This multi-staged competition makes the team plan and specialise, not everyone in the team does exactly the same thing. We think of the elements as: Cunning, Cunning Running and Running challenges. The session works great as a half-day discover the winner activity, or even better coupled with a great finale like raft building and race, where the points can be used to buy advantages. A great laugh and there are elements to appeal to everyone.

Mix it up

You will be handed a digital navigator or map with a series of challenge locations hidden on it. Can your team get there on time and complete the challenge, for maximum points. Lots of running around and getting your head around the cryptic challenges.

Point to Point

Canoe based orienteering; who can find the locations and get back first?!
Canoes are rafted to make catamarans (making falling out of the boat highly unlikely), so groups need no previous paddling experience to beat the other teams!

From £47 for 3 hours 

*includes VAT

per person 

all equipment included

minimum price is 8 persons, for private sessions

Great for 

Corporate Group

Stag, Hen  Groups

Youth Groups

All Abilities 

Can be adapted to those with mobility difficulties



Good shoes 

Activity Details and Pricing 

Go For it!

A great activity for a bit of competition! How about the Best Man and Stag as the Team Captains, or perhaps the Finance Team vs the Marketing Team, all for a bit of a light head-to-head challenge! This activity works really well with a Raft Building finale. 
Minimum Group Size: 8

Allow 4  hours, £47 per person

Mix it up

More adventurous than Go For It,  ideal for large groups. The event works in the style of an adventure race, with locations to turn up to and complete a range of tasks and activities to complete. 
Minimum Group Size: 10

Allow 4.5  hours, £55 per person 

Point to Point

This activity works best with at least two teams of four people to be fun and a good competition. 
The activity works well with raft building as a finale to add a bit of extra competition!

allow 3  hours £38.40 per person

Add Raft Building

Raft Building is a great finale activity for either Go For It! or Point to Point.  Raft Building equipment is actioned off, only got 3 barrels and 6 logs, get ready to make your raft, ready for races! 

allow additional 2 hours, £20 when purchased with another activity

Add Posh Picnic

Are you booking activties for a special occasion, perhaps a birthday bash or hen do, our posh picnic is the perfect way to celebrate.  Nibble on some yummy treats whilst having a good cup of tea and fresh orange juice. 

£15 per person, when purchased with another activity

Where are the Team Competition Venues? 


40 Minutes from Kendal 

25 Minutes from Ambleside

25 Minutes from Coniston

North Windermere

45 Minutes from Penrith 

15 Minutes from Ambleside

0 Minutes from Coniston


45 Minutes from Windermere 

45 Minutes from Kendal

10 Minutes from Grange Over Sands 

South Windermere

15 Minutes from Bowness

30 Minutes from Ulverston

30  Minutes from Coniston

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