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Target Sports


For those who think they might have a keen eye or wanting to recreate The Battle of Hastings, a Viking Raid, Lord of the Rings or perhaps Band of Brothers, we have a range of varied target sports. 

Archery is a slow subtle sport where control of the body and breathing is everything. Archery is great because there are so many complex things going on and when you get them all lined up  the arrow slides beautifully into the gold and that feels great more...

Axe throwing requires a bit more strength and energy, but not just strength or the axe will go nowhere, or just bounce off. But yes, when the axe head slices into the target you feel just that little bit like a Viking or even an Orc more... 

Air rifles are subtle and gentle, which makes them great for competitions. Strength is less of an issue here, so levels the playing field between old and young, fit or otherwise more...

Clay Pigeon Shooting, there is much to be said about Clays.  Click here for the dedicated page.

From £38.50

per person 
all equipment included
minimum price is 4 persons, for private sessions

Great for 

Individual Challenge
Stag Groups
Family Groups

All Abilities 

Can be adapted to those with mobility difficulties


Good shoes 
Parking is free

Activity Details

Archery Session


Archery is a great social activity, one of the few activities where a group of 10 or so, can do an activity together; learn a new skill and then battle it out head-to-head to see who is the master Archer. Click here to view our dedicated page about Archery

Minimum Age: 8 years 

Axe Throwing


Channel your inner Viking with the help of our experienced instructors, learn the best technique to hold and release the axe. 

Minimum Age: 12 years
Minimum of 2 people participating 

Air Rifles


 North Site: 
Learn in a purpose built range, take aim in comfort undercover and try to hit that bulls eye. 
Minimum Age: 8 years

East Site:
Take the rifles out into the woodland range and take out our simulated animals under the instruction of qualified team. Minimum Age: 8 years 

Clay Pigeon Shooting


Clay Pigeon shooting is fantastic fun, there is something really exhilarating about the mixture of the sheer mechanical power of the shotgun, merged with the analogue act of aiming. Click here to view our dedicated page about Clay Pigeon Shooting.

Axe Throwing + Quads


A good combination for friend get-togethers or Stag and Hen Do’s. There’s a bit of something to suit everyone. Start off on a Quad Trek, exploring the site and practising controlling the powerful machines. Followed by a bit of healthy competition seeing who can get the bullys eye whilst axe throwing. 

Where are the Target Sport Venues? 


15 Minutes from Penrith

40 Minutes from Ambleside

50 Minutes from Coniston

15 Minutes from Kendal 

35 Minutes from Ambleside

55 Minutes from Coniston

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