Clay Pigeon Shooting 

Blasting away at the Clays - very satifying and excillerating 

Clay pigeon shooting is fantastic fun, there is something really exhilarating about the mixture of the sheer mechanical power of the shotgun, merged with the analogue act of aiming.

When you get the feel for the gun and are able to visualise the exact place the shot will travel to in the future; the target will explode into pieces. When this happens you will smile, not a little smile, a big broad silly grin.

Be warned you may need a bit of time, 12 shots gets you the feel of it, but don't be surprised if it comes with 11 misses. 24 shots is much more likely to result in 10 hits and ten big grins*.

*exact number of grins is not guaranteed

There are a range of weapon sizes and cartridges to suit all adults and young people. Our lowest minimum age is 8 years

And no, for those who want to know, it doesn’t hurt to fire a shot gun. 

Clay Pigeon Shooting options: 

Clays (Northen Site) 

A variety of traps to simulate different bird flight paths 

Double Barrel Beretta guns  (except for the smallest guns) 

Can be booked as a singe person

Clays (Eastern Site) 

Two different clay paths - incoming and down the line

One-to-one instruction

Single person booking possible as a longer learning session

Reduced pricing for groups or 4 or more 

From £19.50 for 12 shots 

*includes VAT

per person 

all equipment included

Great for 

Individual Challenge

Stag Groups

All Abilities 

Can be adapted to those with mobility difficulties



Good shoes 

Parking is free

Activity Details and Pricing 

Clays - North site 

12 cartridges - £19.50 per person (taster session)
25 cartridges - £35.00 per person
50 cartridges - £57.50 per person

Minimum age 8 years 

Clays - East Site 

24 shots - £85 for 2 people
50 shots - £135 for 2 people
24 shots - £115 for 3 people
24 shots - £35 per person, min 4 people
50 shots - £50 per person, min 4 people
50 shot individual lessons - £85 per person

Minimum age 12 years 

Where are the Clay Pigeon Venues? 

North site 

20 Minutes from Penrith

40 Minutes from Ambleside

25 Minutes from Keswick 

East Site 

45 Minutes from Penrith 

35 Minutes from Ambleside

15 Minutes from Kendal

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