Activities in Lakeland 

Teenager Activities in the Lake District

This page could be bylined:

"It is possible to all enjoy your family holiday - without sending the teenagers elsewhere” 

Teenagers have high energy and low tollerence for “boring activity”  which is why parents and fmaily members have a challenge to find things to do that suit everyone.

This leaves a few option: 
Do something that is uncompfarbly energetic for the adults and younger syblings
Do something that doenst appeal to the teenager but suits the older and younger family members - and hanlde the complaints
Abandon the ideals of doing stuf together and palm the roudy teenager(s)  off to do activites on there own 

or our alternative ….

Book activities that have a range of challenges and physicality built into the same activity. The  Teenagers get pushed with demanding challnges and regularly changing oportunites to explore while the parents and siblings take a less demaining line. 

Booking whole days works out very affordable for a family adventure holiday becouse you pay only once per day and typically eat a packed lunch or cook lunch as part of the day (on bushcraft) . 

Have a look below at our fantastic suggestions for a Lake Dsitrcit Family Adventure with Teenagers we are the adventure capital aafter all 

Teenager Adventure Suggestions

Family Mountain Activity Day 

This is ideal the for the more able family looking for some inspiring outdoor activities, whilst making the most out of a day. A chance to get right into the heart of the mountains, in an inspiring and adventurous way.
We explore the caverns of Cathedral Quarry and climb up through the mountains to the Abseil site. Before leaving back through the pitch black tunnel back out to the woods. At this point we can optionally get out the Bushcraft kit and make a lunch from scratch, over fires, or the family can decamp to the next destination around the corner: the Ghyll. Looking at waterfalls is awesome, but standing amongst the water as it gushes past you on its inevitable journey to the sea, is both great fun and truly inspiring. We have a range of Ghylls accessible in the location, so can adapt well between venues. Ideal for a childs first outing, playing in the great outdoors, to your teenagers looking to be pushed with some challenging terrain.

Duration: Full Day

Location: Langdale

Included: Ghyll Scramble, Abseiling, Tunnel Exploration, Bushcraft Lunch

£79 per person

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Ghyll Scrambling

Great for everyone especially families with adventrueous teenagers who want to experiecne everything. Ghylls are chock full of extra optional challenge oportuinites so the most evergetic of the family can be given extra while the least adventurous can bimble and enjoy the scenery of this unique environment. Half day ghylls are recomeded particullraly for younger teenagers - they burn out quickly and benefit from rewarming over lunch. 

Duration: Half Day

Location: Langdale

 Conditions: min age 12 years

£46 per person

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Quad Biking

We have access to a range of quads. Everyone from 6 years old can take part (Northen Site) . Quads is best (for the adults) when the childeren are old enougth to use the Midi sized quads because the course is more challenging.
Midi quads are for 12-15 Year olds - 16+ use adult quads if tall enougth 

Duration: 20, 40 Min

Location: Northern

Conditions: min age 6 years 

 £22.50 -  £39.50 per person

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Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clays are great experience for youger people. The wepons are powerfull - but do not hurt - delivering an eperience unlike any other.  We have a range of equipment (excuse the pun)  for different ages. 

Generally you take it in turns, in batches of shots, so you see the rest of the family suceeding (or laughing at their failures) 

Duration: 12, 25, 50 cartridges

Location: Northern

Conditions: min age 8 years 

 £19.50 - £57.50 per person

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Caving is not scary for the parents (it not tight, cold or dirty)  There are  bags of opportunities to do extra challenges to keep the attention of the persisitantly bored teenager on holiday. 

Duration: Basic Cave 2 hour, Adventurous Cave 3 hour 

Location: Ingleton

Conditions: min age 10 years

 Basic Cave: £46, Adventurous Cave £68.50

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Canoe Bushcraft

Canoe buscraft is a great option that solves all sorts of challenges for the family. Its one thing to buy that not only fills the whole day with something awsome but feeds the hordes at the same time. Compared to driving arround buying different amusement sources and handing over even more of the hard earned to feed them this is a efffort free and spending light option. 

Canoe bushcraft is canoeing off into the distance, pulling up on the shore, lighting the fire and making your own lunch and canoing back. A great way to explore, learn new skills and get out on the water. 

Duration: Full Day 

Location: South Windermere

Conditions: min age 10 years

 £68.50 per person

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Where are the activities for Teenagers? 

30 Minutes from Kendal 

35 Minutes from Bowness

45 Minutes from Coniston

10 Minutes from Coniston

20  Minutes from Ambleside

30 Minutes from Kendal 

15 Minutes from Keswick 

20 Minutes from Penrith 

40 Minutes from Ambleside 

30  Minutes from Kendal 

45 Minutes from Windermere 

60 Minutes from Coniston 

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