Stag Accommodation in the Lake District

Some stuff works great with Stag groups. We should know, we’ve been doing it so long, that we are in danger of selling activities to the children of people married after a stag or hen do with us! We can sort you out for either whole weekends with a complete package as well as just finding accommodation for Stag weekends. We always send you to providers who are up for hosting Stag Groups, so no pretending to be an all male choir group to get in!

Stag Accommodation

 South Lakes

 Rural Setting

 Can accommodate up to 50 people

Humphrey Head 

Drink beer and barbecue outside without having to whisper. You can play music without upsetting the neighbours, and be in the right place to jump on adventures with your Stag Group.

Humphrey Head is a remote site on a peninsula sticking out into the Morecambe Bay - hence not upsetting the neighbours. It is however only 10 minutes drive from Cark rail station, so b London and Glasgow are both 3.5 hours away making it really easy to get to.

Humphrey Head Accommodation is available for hire and works great with South and East Lakes based activities. For even more convenience Adventure Stag Weekends are purpose made Stag weekends based from the centre. Barbecue on arrival, activities on Saturday all day, Pub tour and Saturday Evening Meal out and a chilled Sunday morning activity. Its a “make the best man look good” stag do in a box. Adventure Stag makes booking easy. As long as 8 folk are ready to put their money where there mouth is, you can book. Any late faffers can phone and add themselves directly to the package (late comers get charged slightly more)

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Kendal Hostel

Kendal Hostel is not like most hostels, in that it's better than most small pubs in terms of privacy and facilities. Its a great event accommodation, that is used to working with Stag Groups. Quite often (if room allows) the owners will try and house Stags in a septette wing of the hostel. The hostel is in the centre of Kendal, with bags of evening options for beer worship and quaffing delicious food. Adventure Stag will also put a package together for you from Kendal Hostel if you prefer the town life.

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 East Lakes

Town Setting

 Great for smaller groups

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Northern Accommodation

For country sport enthusiasts you can stay at one of the leading country sport providers on a self catering basis. With a pub within a short walk its a great place if blatting clay pigeons, quad biking and mud go-karting is your thing this is the place.

 North Lakes

 Rural Setting

 On-site activities

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Where are the Stag Accommodations? 

Humphrey Head 

30 Minutes from Kendal 

35 Minutes from Bowness

45 Minutes from Coniston

Kendal Hostel

0 Minutes from Kendal 

30  Minutes from Ambleside

50 Minutes from Coniston


15 Minutes from Keswick 

20 Minutes from Penrith 

40 Minutes from Ambleside 

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