Wet or dry, large or small - we have abseiling for all  

Abseiling is a great way to have an adventure without a huge amount of skill or fitness needed. 

Its easy to get competent at and you get a bit of a rush as you first go over the edge.

There are a range of variations from a huge Mega-Abseil, to Aqua-seiling, where we abseil waterfalls and combine this with rock climbing for a mixed experience.

We also have regular-height abseiling venues for regular people and families with children. 

Abseiling Options 

Abseiling  near Coniston

Abseiling for children, teenagers and families of mixed levels of confidence

Click here to book abseiling instantly near Coniston

Mega-Abseiling  near Langdale

Big abseiling for groups of confident adults 

Aqua-seiling near Coniston

Abseiling in the waterfalls of Church Beck

From £38.50 for 2 hours 

*includes VAT

Per Person 

All equipment included

Minimum price is 4 persons for private sessions

Great for 


Individual Challenge

Stag Groups

All Abilities 

Can be adapted to those with mobility difficulties



Good shoes 

Parking is free

Mega Abseiling from Langdale

The site of our Mega Abseil a 100ft descent into an abandoned quarry and exit via a pitch-black tunnel!

We also have a smaller abseil in the same location, where you gain access through abandoned quarry tunnels

Mega Abseiling takes 3 hours and is limited to over 16’s

Takes 3 hours 

Minimum age 16 Years

£43.50 per person

Upgrade to a full day 

Mega Abseilng  also works well with a Bushcraft Lunch in the same location - full days always cost less per session.

£57.60 per person

Mega Abseilng and Abseiling from Langdale 

The site of our Mega Abseil a 100ft descent into the abandoned quarry and exit by tunnell 

We also have a smaller abseil in the same spot where you get to access it through abandoned tunnels 

Mega Abseling takes 3 hours and has a over 16 age limit 
Abseiling (Cathedral) take 2 hours and is suitable for families

Abseiling £38.50 Mega Abseiling £43.50

45 Minutes from Penrith 

10 Minutes from Ambleside

10 Minutes from Coniston

Cathedral also works well for Bushcraft in the same location - full days always cost less per session. 

Full day with Bushcraft £57.60

Abseiling and/or Rock climbing from Coniston 

This site is in an old slate quarry just outsdie of Consitson 

There is Rock Climbing here as well so a 3hour session is an option 

Abseiling only takes 2 hours and is suiatable for families
Rock climbing and Abseiling takes 3 hours the climbing is quite hard for very young people

Abseiling £38.50 Climb Abseil £43.50

40 Minutes from Kendal 

10 Minutes from Ambleside

5 Minutes from Coniston

Tilberthwaite is the same site we use for ghyll scrambling in the same location book a full day with us for a significant saving 

Abseil and Ghyll £57.60

Aquaseiling waterfalls from Consiton 

Chuch beck which runs through Coniston is the site for Aqua seiling - Abseling down waterfalls. 

This is a different experience and quite challenging but a great laugh   

Aquaseiling takes 2 hours (allow 3) and is suitable for those over 16 year old

Aqua Seiling £52.50

0  minutes from Coniston 

40 minutes from Junction 36

20 minutes from Ambleside

If aquaseling appeals and you have a team right up for some rally challenging activity consider canyoning a mixture of some harder water abseils and jumping into pools - all team members must be very confident and over 18

Alternatively combine it with a ghyll scramble for a full day out -

Canyoning full day £58 Add Ghyll Scrambling +£20

Rockclimbing and Abseiling
in the Southern Lakes

Lindale is a natural rock face which looks over the sea (from the top)

It is best as a climbing and abseiling site 

Climb only £38.50Climb Abseil £43.50

Lindale is minutes away from our sea cliff traverse site and Archery site - combine activities into a full day for an even better value package

Climb, Ab and Traverse £57.60Climb, Ab and Archery £57.60

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